Backpacking around the world for seven years

I have spent the last seven years gallivanting around the world like some kind of coked up road-runner. I’ve met incredible people, seen stunning sights and had some truly life-changing adventures. Everything has not always gone to plan; I’ve been robbed at knife-point, rushed to hospital on two occasions and even arrested! By getting off the beaten path and choosing travel as a lifestyle, I have had some amazing experiences.


#NoFilter Frankfurt

I had always known Frankfurt as the ‘layover city’ or a hub for connecting flights.Perhaps, many of you might also have felt the same way. On one occasion, I got the opportunity to meet a friend at Frankfurt airport and then took the time to go around a bit. At that point, I was living…

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Devouring vegetarian food in Barcelona

Being a foodie and a vegetarian, I’m always trying to explore local options while travelling. Before going to Spain, I really didn’t know anything about the Spanish cuisine apart from Tortillas (the potato omlette) and had heard a lot about Paella. That was pretty much it. So. I was really curious to see what the…