Travel souvenirs I love

Travel Souvenirs:Keepsakes from around the world

Before travelling to any new place, I am generally busy looking up things, making notes of what I could do or see, and am very excited about exploring a new town/city/region. Each experience is different, and memories attached to each place vary greatly. However, before I return, I almost always buy a souvenir to bring…

The magnificent Duomo: an iconic symbol of Milan

#NoFilter Milan

What struck me most about Milan, was the sheer contrast of people you find in the city.I was mostly expecting to see shopaholics frequenting the luxury malls.But, that wasn’t the case. The area around the Duomo was extremely lively, with all sorts of people.


10 tips to enjoy for free in Cologne

In my opinion, Cologne is one of the liveliest cities you could visit or live in.There is always a wave of energy and excitement flowing through the city, especially around the cathedral. You get to see all sorts of people in that square; the tourists, the onlookers, the entertainers,the locals, the opportunists.


Next stop:Solitude

    I walk along the empty roads,  at peace with myself, sensing my soul.  I stare at the mountains and the river infront of me,  each one of us is just a speck in the vastness, my mind agrees. Crowds and company are just make-beliefs, the truth is that you are all alone, or…