Florence bridge

Exploring Florence on foot

Florence had been a hub for art and culture through the Middle Ages, and in fact, was a model for the Renaissance culture.With the likes of Michelangelo, Vespucci, Leonardo Da Vinci,Dante and later,even Florence Nightingale and Gucci, the city has attracted or raised some of the best minds throughout. It was very interesting to get…

Berlin Dom and TV Tower

15 things to do and see in Berlin

Recently, I visited Berlin and loved the vibe of the city! It seems to be so very lively and there are numerous things to see and do.There were several places I wanted to visit and areas I wanted to explore, but didn’t have enough time for everything. Now, I really want to plan a second…

liebster award

I got some Blogger love ! Liebster Award (x2)

I have been showered with blogger love lately; I am so happy! I have been nominated twice for the Liebster Award by the lovely Henar from Wanderwings and Meg from megswanderings, and have also been nominated thrice for another award! This post has been long overdue, so I’ll just start off by telling you folks a…

pasta florence

My foodie experience in Florence

Florence- I would often get dreamy-eyed thinking about visiting the city. All the stories I had read of the city’s history, art and culture had intrigued me, and the fact that a conference was to be held in the city was a push to finally plan that trip. During my stay, I sure did walk…


Tips for enjoying the Oktoberfest in Munich!

When I decided upon moving to Germany for my higher studies, the most popular comment from my friends and acquaintances was , that I was going to a country ‘where beer is cheaper than water’! Everybody was familiar with Oktoberfest, which by the way, is celebrated in late September every year. I was excited for…


Backpacking around the world for seven years

I have spent the last seven years gallivanting around the world like some kind of coked up road-runner. I’ve met incredible people, seen stunning sights and had some truly life-changing adventures. Everything has not always gone to plan; I’ve been robbed at knife-point, rushed to hospital on two occasions and even arrested! By getting off the beaten path and choosing travel as a lifestyle, I have had some amazing experiences.